Recycling Paint in Reno

Have you ever finished one of your painting projects only to find out that you purchased way to much paint?  If so, don’t just throw it in the trash and call it a day.  Paint is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly, or better yet, recycled!  The best way to be ‘green’ while completing your painting projects is to buy just enough paint so you don’t have to throw any away.  But, judging by my experiences as a handyman in Reno, this is almost never the case.  So, we’re faced with the task of getting rid of it.

Unfortunately, the Reno/Sparks area is not quite up with the times when it comes to recycling and being environmentally conscious. Larger metropolitan areas such as Seattle and NYC have co-ops where you can actually get rid of extra paint for free.  Then they sell or donate the extra paint to local programs.  No such program currently exists in Reno or Sparks.  I know, I was heartbroken, too.

The next best option to recycling leftover paint is to dispose of it properly.  There is currently one place in town that will handle your household hazardous waste such as paint:  H2O Environmental.  They take the leftover latex paint, harden it, and then have it transported to a hazardous waste landfill.  This ensures that the paint never makes it back into the water supply or is ingested by the local wildlife.  For flammable paints such as oil based, the paint is shipped to California to an energy recovery plant.  The paint is burned and the energy that is emitted goes directly to the grid to power homes and businesses.  Much better than just throwing this toxic stuff in the garbage.

There is a small charge for disposing of paint at H2O Environmental, but it is minimal and well worth preserving the environment.  You can also recycle lightbulbs and other e-waste while you’re there.

Another great way to make sure your painting project is ‘green’ is to have the handymen and HandyGreen Home Solutions complete your small painting projects for you.  We always use low or zero VOC paints and recycle anything we can.  You’ll not only save time and help preserve the environment, you’ll get a quality job from a friendly and professional handyman.

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Can you think of a good way to recycle paint in Reno and Sparks?  Please share it by leaving a comment below and help the rest of us live a little greener!