Why Choose Low-Flow Shower Heads?

Low flow shower heads are an excellent home improvement for anybody trying to go green.  Not only are they great for the environment, but they can save you some cash.  Who wouldn’t want to save some cash?

What are they?

Low flow shower heads get their name because they limit the amount of water that is flowing through the shower head at any given time, thus reducing the amount of water being used.  The cool thing is that they do this while keeping the shower pressure the same, or at least very close to the same.

A typical shower head will consume about 6.5 gallons of water per minute.  A low flow shower head will reduce this to between 1.5 and 3 gallons per minute while maintaining the same pressure.  This is great because you get to keep the same cleansing power, while saving water and helping the environment.  Everybody wins.


Low-Flow Shower Head Options

There are two types of low flow shower heads to choose from.  You can either get aerating or non-aerating.

Aerating shower heads:  These shower heads reduce the flow of water by injecting air into the water as it passes through.  The benefit of this is that you have a consistent stream of water.  The downside is that the air will cool the water coming out of the shower head (but, not by much) so you will need to run your shower a bit hotter.

Non-aerating low flow shower heads:  These reduce the flow of water by pulsing.  Instead of a steady stream of water, you will experience a slight pulsing of the water.  Some people like this, some don’t.  The benefit of these is that since they are not aerated, the water is not cooled like it is with the aerating shower head.

Either one you choose, you’ll be doing Reno, Sparks and the entire Truckee Meadows a favor by reducing your impact on the environment.


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